Claiming Mindfulness For Yourself

In essence, the roots of mindfulness can be traced back centuries to Buddhist teachings, and even back millennia to traditions within Hinduism.  Over the last couple of decades there has been a surge in hype around mindfulness; it’s become the darling of self and organizational health circles.  This trendiness has made it profitable, and all … Continue reading Claiming Mindfulness For Yourself

Little Shifts that Lead to Choices

Change is about opportunity, possibility, creativity, growth, and making a difference. Unless it's not. Sometimes change, and its opposite stagnation, makes us feel trapped or stuck. There are many factors that go into this emotional responses, the following is a musing on one: how to find choices and regain a sense of agency in our … Continue reading Little Shifts that Lead to Choices

How To Get To Your Truth Without Blame or Judgment

We're about to enter a season filled with joy...and frustration. As you bump up against friends, family, and colleagues that are showing up in a way that leaves you sad, stressed, or angry, don't avoid them or pour fuel on the fire - consider getting it out in the open in a way that fosters … Continue reading How To Get To Your Truth Without Blame or Judgment