The Power of the Present Moment

The present moment has immense power.  It’s where we gain clarity. It’s where we experience gratitude for whatever and whomever is creating joy and meaning in our lives.  It’s where we choose how to respond to pain. It’s where we turn our ideas and intentions into action. When we are firmly aware of the present … Continue reading The Power of the Present Moment

Reflection: Quotes and Questions

December presents a natural opportunity to quantify, analyze, and mark the events of the year that is coming to an end.   We’re giving into the instinct to reflect, with a little help from artists who have shared some of what they’ve learned about looking back.     What did you put a lot of energy into … Continue reading Reflection: Quotes and Questions

What Does Successful Conflict Resolution Look Like?

If you manage or lead other people, it’s worth the effort to build up your conflict resolution tool box.  Chances are that several times throughout a workday, you’ll discover conflicts, some will be brought to you, and you may even become aware that you’ve caused a few.  However they get identified, once they’re in your … Continue reading What Does Successful Conflict Resolution Look Like?

How Conflict is Born

While all conflict is unique based on its content and what the people involved are bringing to it, there exists a common blueprint at their inception that, once identified, can help you recognize and resolve it in its early stages.   How Does a Conflict Start? The precursor of any conflict can be defined as the … Continue reading How Conflict is Born

Say the Thing That Needs to Be Said…Out of Care and Support

All thriving teams have a few things in common - they share the same purpose and goals; individuals on the team understand their roles and are capable of performing their responsibilities; and they all commit to values and ground rules that keep them working in sync.  Most importantly, they care about one another and will … Continue reading Say the Thing That Needs to Be Said…Out of Care and Support