What “Yes, and…” Can Do For Collaborations

"Yes, and..." By nature all collaborations are creative - they describe the act of people coming together to produce something that doesn't already exist.  A collaboration will result in greater success if everyone participating in it feels comfortable contributing their ideas (however wild or off the established path) and there is willingness from everyone to … Continue reading What “Yes, and…” Can Do For Collaborations

Why Collaboration?

Collaboration is a big deal around Vestalia, we're going to give it some attention this month. I want to kick things off by recognizing that within our organization there has been some confusion about when to be in collaboration, and even some pushback against being in it.  Ever find yourself wondering if collaboration is the … Continue reading Why Collaboration?

Setting the Stage for Sharing Feedback That Feels Hard To Give

It's still March, and we're still exploring different types of conversations that pop up a lot in our day-to-day at Vestalia (and, let's face it, in all parts of our lives).  Turning the spotlight on feedback this week. Initiating conversations where you need to share feedback with a person to get them back on track … Continue reading Setting the Stage for Sharing Feedback That Feels Hard To Give

Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

I'm currently reading "Speed of Trust" by Stephen M.R. Covey.* (Click for a quick summary here). Like most business books written on culture or leadership themes, there is a lot of great, useful, familiar stuff in there. Including this: “In our businesses, relationships, families, and personal lives, there is wisdom in recognizing the capacity of … Continue reading Taking Risks and Making Mistakes