High Performance Team Model in Practice

The High Performance Team model is a visual representation of the core elements of team interaction that, when operating together in alignment, create conditions where individuals and the team itself thrives.  This model, introduced to Vestalia Hospitality by Growing Edge Facilitation, supports our practice of shared, facilitative leadership because it offers a useful blueprint for … Continue reading High Performance Team Model in Practice

Connection as a Tool to Build Trust

by Becky Lemon, 2/14/2022 The magic that connection creates is far-reaching.  Constantly achieving it satisfies our basic, instinctual human need for belonging and safety, making it easier for us to show up as our authentic selves and spend our energy building healthy relationships with one another.   For teams it’s important to understand that trust, a … Continue reading Connection as a Tool to Build Trust

Are You On the Same Page?

Getting on the same page can mean a lot of things. It can be the first step in a collaboration We're going to invite voices expressing multiple ideas and perspectives to build the biggest, richest picture of where we're at so we can create something new or fix something broken together. It can be a … Continue reading Are You On the Same Page?

3 Ways to Get On the Same Page

“Get on the Same Page” is Vestalia Hospitality's second leadership essential, and we want to get on the same page with you about why it's so important.  Here's what it says:   Why this? Increasing your mastery of this skill increases your ability to harness the power of mutual understanding which: busts up judgements, assumptions, … Continue reading 3 Ways to Get On the Same Page

Author Daniel Coyle on the Power of Connection and Belonging Cues

Daniel Coyle's book The Culture Code shot up to my #1 recommended book for all people who have to work with other people (especially leaders) the minute I put down the first chapter.  It's filled with entertaining and thought-provoking stories of teams - PIXAR, Navy Seals, Upright Citizens Brigade, Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality, jewel … Continue reading Author Daniel Coyle on the Power of Connection and Belonging Cues

Fall Check-In’s at Pizzeria Lola

That time when you connect with individuals on your team and find out that connection is high on their list of must-haves at work... Fall 2018 Check-In’s At Pizzeria Lola by Nick Smith, Assistant General Manager at Pizzeria Lola, 11/8/18 Starting in early September, our leadership team here at Lola set out on a project … Continue reading Fall Check-In’s at Pizzeria Lola

2 Quick Quotes About Collaboration

Keeping it simple this week.   2 Quick Quotes About Collaboration: One more Cloud quote on collaboration (from his 2012 TED Talk at U of M): "DIY is so 20th century, I think that the future is Do-It-Together." Want to know who Chris Cloud is?  Check out his website. Want to learn more about Creative … Continue reading 2 Quick Quotes About Collaboration

Why Collaboration?

Collaboration is a big deal around Vestalia, we're going to give it some attention this month. I want to kick things off by recognizing that within our organization there has been some confusion about when to be in collaboration, and even some pushback against being in it.  Ever find yourself wondering if collaboration is the … Continue reading Why Collaboration?

High Performing Teams Part 2 – Team Dynamics

Last week I sent out an article that proposed a picture of what a High Performance Team (HPT) looks like, in it the essential elements they focused on were having:  Clear purpose Strong behavioral frameworks Genuine relationships and communication This week's article drills down into that by looking at how that all plays out in … Continue reading High Performing Teams Part 2 – Team Dynamics

What Does a High Performing Team Look Like? Part 1

I've got a two-parter for you, both focusing on High Performance Teams (HPT). This week's article will take you about 4 minutes to read. Now, many of you have been introduced to one of my favorite leadership diagrams, simply titled High Performance Teams (view below and in gallery). While I have my own way of … Continue reading What Does a High Performing Team Look Like? Part 1