Collaborating to Shape Team Culture

I'm always curious about how teams create their own culture and how they can affect change to it from within.  While drumming up ideas surrounding collaboration for this month's article series, I couldn't help but recall one particular exercise from last year that illuminated a fun way to get teams to take a look at … Continue reading Collaborating to Shape Team Culture

Vestalia’s Empowerment 101 – How the Heck Does it Happen?

All this talk over the past month about empowerment - what we believe it does for our organization and the people in it, how we embrace it or push it away - and not a peep about how it might be done.  There are probably hundreds of ways to go about empowerment, we pulled one … Continue reading Vestalia’s Empowerment 101 – How the Heck Does it Happen?

Empowerment – A Story of Challenge

Hello there! I've got another point of view on empowerment for you to dig into! If you’re in a situation where someone is empowering you to do something, a relationship is automatically created.  They are transferring decision-making and ownership to you and you are receiving it. Sometimes that goes well, and sometimes it doesn’t - … Continue reading Empowerment – A Story of Challenge

Setting the Stage for Sharing Feedback That Feels Hard To Give

It's still March, and we're still exploring different types of conversations that pop up a lot in our day-to-day at Vestalia (and, let's face it, in all parts of our lives).  Turning the spotlight on feedback this week. Initiating conversations where you need to share feedback with a person to get them back on track … Continue reading Setting the Stage for Sharing Feedback That Feels Hard To Give

Vestalia Leadership Essentials

In January, the Vestalia Hospitality team got together with the leadership teams at each restaurant to brainstorm goals for the future and to talk about our shared purpose and values.  We also got to understanding about the relationship between Vestalia and the restaurants including what our roles are, how we can utilize and support one … Continue reading Vestalia Leadership Essentials