Playing the Infinite Game

How do you lead and inspire people to stay engaged in their work, to bring their best selves and consistently contribute to your team’s purpose with enthusiasm and initiative?  How do you stay fulfilled and constantly improving as you’re doing all of that?   Author, motivational speaker, and leadership guru Simon Sinek has an answer, and … Continue reading Playing the Infinite Game

What “Yes, and…” Can Do For Collaborations

"Yes, and..." By nature all collaborations are creative - they describe the act of people coming together to produce something that doesn't already exist.  A collaboration will result in greater success if everyone participating in it feels comfortable contributing their ideas (however wild or off the established path) and there is willingness from everyone to … Continue reading What “Yes, and…” Can Do For Collaborations

Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

I'm currently reading "Speed of Trust" by Stephen M.R. Covey.* (Click for a quick summary here). Like most business books written on culture or leadership themes, there is a lot of great, useful, familiar stuff in there. Including this: “In our businesses, relationships, families, and personal lives, there is wisdom in recognizing the capacity of … Continue reading Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

High-Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety. Here’s How to Create It.

Hello there! If you spend even a small amount of time reading about organizational health (and admit it, you can't get enough), you'll come across the concept of "psychological safety." What it is, if your group has it, or how to get it are popular topics of conversation. It just so happens that our model … Continue reading High-Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety. Here’s How to Create It.

How Humble Leadership Really Works

A key cornerstone of shared, facilitative leadership is that you use your power to empower. Creating opportunities for your team members to learn, grow, share ideas, affect change, and exercise their own decision-making is imperative to creating a high performance team. This is a marked shift from the management-mindset that we've all grown up with, … Continue reading How Humble Leadership Really Works