Are You On the Same Page?

Getting on the same page can mean a lot of things. It can be the first step in a collaboration We're going to invite voices expressing multiple ideas and perspectives to build the biggest, richest picture of where we're at so we can create something new or fix something broken together. It can be a … Continue reading Are You On the Same Page?

3 Ways to Get On the Same Page

“Get on the Same Page” is Vestalia Hospitality's second leadership essential, and we want to get on the same page with you about why it's so important.  Here's what it says:   Why this? Increasing your mastery of this skill increases your ability to harness the power of mutual understanding which: busts up judgements, assumptions, … Continue reading 3 Ways to Get On the Same Page

What “Yes, and…” Can Do For Collaborations

"Yes, and..." By nature all collaborations are creative - they describe the act of people coming together to produce something that doesn't already exist.  A collaboration will result in greater success if everyone participating in it feels comfortable contributing their ideas (however wild or off the established path) and there is willingness from everyone to … Continue reading What “Yes, and…” Can Do For Collaborations

Understanding Team Response to Change

Change is our theme for the month, I thought I'd kick it off with something you can bring straight into the many walls of your restaurant: understanding some mechanics of a team's response to change.  "Some" is an important word here, there are countless factors that go into how individuals and teams develop their acceptance … Continue reading Understanding Team Response to Change

Here’s the Key to Great Conversation in 1 Sentence

Ever felt like you, or someone you know, could use some help talking or listening to someone else talk for any reason? Wanda Thibodeaux is here for you; file her advice under Communication, Active Listening, Mutual Understanding, Listening for Understanding, and/or How To Be An Awesome Leader/Human Being That People Trust. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's the Key … Continue reading Here’s the Key to Great Conversation in 1 Sentence