Playing the Infinite Game

How do you lead and inspire people to stay engaged in their work, to bring their best selves and consistently contribute to your team’s purpose with enthusiasm and initiative?  How do you stay fulfilled and constantly improving as you’re doing all of that?   Author, motivational speaker, and leadership guru Simon Sinek has an answer, and … Continue reading Playing the Infinite Game

Elastic Thinking and Innovation

Innovation has always been imperative to humanity’s growth and survival (see growing crops, building shelter, written language, etc.), and we’re receiving messages all over the place that innovation is more important than ever in this current age of rapid technological advancement  and globalization. As industries, services, products, and communication change at an accelerated pace, we’ll … Continue reading Elastic Thinking and Innovation

A Successful Process for Conflict Resolution

Individuals in conflict with one another each carry into it a complex mix of personal history, biases, fears, and needs.  They are also the only ones that know exactly what transpired from the beginning of the conflict to the moment it was identified for resolution.  Each needs to be able to express their perspective honestly, … Continue reading A Successful Process for Conflict Resolution

Exploring the Intersection of Getting On the Same Page and Conflict Resolution

When two or more people get together to do anything, they're all bringing with them to the interaction a lifetime of stories, emotions, fears, needs, hopes, and expectations  that drive their action and behavior.  Often times things go great, the special mix they create together leads to fun, creativity, and connection.  Often times things don't … Continue reading Exploring the Intersection of Getting On the Same Page and Conflict Resolution

Are You On the Same Page?

Getting on the same page can mean a lot of things. It can be the first step in a collaboration We're going to invite voices expressing multiple ideas and perspectives to build the biggest, richest picture of where we're at so we can create something new or fix something broken together. It can be a … Continue reading Are You On the Same Page?

3 Ways to Get On the Same Page

“Get on the Same Page” is Vestalia Hospitality's second leadership essential, and we want to get on the same page with you about why it's so important.  Here's what it says:   Why this? Increasing your mastery of this skill increases your ability to harness the power of mutual understanding which: busts up judgements, assumptions, … Continue reading 3 Ways to Get On the Same Page