Choose Your Own Adventure: Response or Reaction?

Countless times throughout any given day we are holding onto thoughts that say “I need something that I don’t have” or “I am here in this situation or process, and I want to be there.” Maybe it’s about acquiring a new skill or increasing your proficiency with one you already have. Maybe it’s about changing … Continue reading Choose Your Own Adventure: Response or Reaction?

Add Three Things to Increase Understanding and Choices

Sometimes we’re so deeply conditioned to see the world from our own point of view that we aren’t even aware that we may be missing a bigger picture.  It’s easy to make an assumption, jump to a conclusion, or determine a solution to a problem in a matter of seconds by drawing solely on our … Continue reading Add Three Things to Increase Understanding and Choices

Playing the Infinite Game

How do you lead and inspire people to stay engaged in their work, to bring their best selves and consistently contribute to your team’s purpose with enthusiasm and initiative?  How do you stay fulfilled and constantly improving as you’re doing all of that?   Author, motivational speaker, and leadership guru Simon Sinek has an answer, and … Continue reading Playing the Infinite Game

Original Thinkers

Innovation is often equated with paradigm-shifting concepts, monumental breakthroughs, and the development of products or processes that cause significant change in industries, art, or life as we know it (like these).  Innovators that produce a large-scale impact are celebrated for their extraordinary abilities and creativity (think Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, and these amazing women). Given … Continue reading Original Thinkers

Elastic Thinking and Innovation

Innovation has always been imperative to humanity’s growth and survival (see growing crops, building shelter, written language, etc.), and we’re receiving messages all over the place that innovation is more important than ever in this current age of rapid technological advancement  and globalization. As industries, services, products, and communication change at an accelerated pace, we’ll … Continue reading Elastic Thinking and Innovation

Making Use of Goals, Visions, Resolutions, and Intentions

It’s human nature to dream of a better future, and to aspire to become a better version of yourself.  If you’re looking to bring change into your life, what’s going to work best for you to realize it? Do you need to establish a goal, create a vision, make a resolution, or set an intention?  … Continue reading Making Use of Goals, Visions, Resolutions, and Intentions

A Successful Process for Conflict Resolution

Individuals in conflict with one another each carry into it a complex mix of personal history, biases, fears, and needs.  They are also the only ones that know exactly what transpired from the beginning of the conflict to the moment it was identified for resolution.  Each needs to be able to express their perspective honestly, … Continue reading A Successful Process for Conflict Resolution