What Does Successful Conflict Resolution Look Like?

If you manage or lead other people, it’s worth the effort to build up your conflict resolution tool box.  Chances are that several times throughout a workday, you’ll discover conflicts, some will be brought to you, and you may even become aware that you’ve caused a few.  However they get identified, once they’re in your … Continue reading What Does Successful Conflict Resolution Look Like?

Say the Thing That Needs to Be Said…Out of Care and Support

All thriving teams have a few things in common - they share the same purpose and goals; individuals on the team understand their roles and are capable of performing their responsibilities; and they all commit to values and ground rules that keep them working in sync.  Most importantly, they care about one another and will … Continue reading Say the Thing That Needs to Be Said…Out of Care and Support

3 Ways to Get On the Same Page

“Get on the Same Page” is Vestalia Hospitality's second leadership essential, and we want to get on the same page with you about why it's so important.  Here's what it says:   Why this? Increasing your mastery of this skill increases your ability to harness the power of mutual understanding which: busts up judgements, assumptions, … Continue reading 3 Ways to Get On the Same Page

What “Yes, and…” Can Do For Collaborations

"Yes, and..." By nature all collaborations are creative - they describe the act of people coming together to produce something that doesn't already exist.  A collaboration will result in greater success if everyone participating in it feels comfortable contributing their ideas (however wild or off the established path) and there is willingness from everyone to … Continue reading What “Yes, and…” Can Do For Collaborations

2 Quick Quotes About Collaboration

Keeping it simple this week.   2 Quick Quotes About Collaboration: One more Cloud quote on collaboration (from his 2012 TED Talk at U of M): "DIY is so 20th century, I think that the future is Do-It-Together." Want to know who Chris Cloud is?  Check out his website. Want to learn more about Creative … Continue reading 2 Quick Quotes About Collaboration

Why Collaboration?

Collaboration is a big deal around Vestalia, we're going to give it some attention this month. I want to kick things off by recognizing that within our organization there has been some confusion about when to be in collaboration, and even some pushback against being in it.  Ever find yourself wondering if collaboration is the … Continue reading Why Collaboration?