Humility, Curiosity, and Getting On the Same Page

In my role as a leader, a partner, a mom, and a person on this earth, I am constantly in danger of believing that: I know more about a problem presented to me and how to solve it than anyone else in it. I know more about what is needed for a project or initiative … Continue reading Humility, Curiosity, and Getting On the Same Page

Setting the Stage for Sharing Feedback That Feels Hard To Give

It's still March, and we're still exploring different types of conversations that pop up a lot in our day-to-day at Vestalia (and, let's face it, in all parts of our lives).  Turning the spotlight on feedback this week. Initiating conversations where you need to share feedback with a person to get them back on track … Continue reading Setting the Stage for Sharing Feedback That Feels Hard To Give

Vestalia Leadership Essentials

In January, the Vestalia Hospitality team got together with the leadership teams at each restaurant to brainstorm goals for the future and to talk about our shared purpose and values.  We also got to understanding about the relationship between Vestalia and the restaurants including what our roles are, how we can utilize and support one … Continue reading Vestalia Leadership Essentials

Understanding Team Response to Change

Change is our theme for the month, I thought I'd kick it off with something you can bring straight into the many walls of your restaurant: understanding some mechanics of a team's response to change.  "Some" is an important word here, there are countless factors that go into how individuals and teams develop their acceptance … Continue reading Understanding Team Response to Change

Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

I'm currently reading "Speed of Trust" by Stephen M.R. Covey.* (Click for a quick summary here). Like most business books written on culture or leadership themes, there is a lot of great, useful, familiar stuff in there. Including this: “In our businesses, relationships, families, and personal lives, there is wisdom in recognizing the capacity of … Continue reading Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

High Performing Teams Part 2 – Team Dynamics

Last week I sent out an article that proposed a picture of what a High Performance Team (HPT) looks like, in it the essential elements they focused on were having:  Clear purpose Strong behavioral frameworks Genuine relationships and communication This week's article drills down into that by looking at how that all plays out in … Continue reading High Performing Teams Part 2 – Team Dynamics