The Four-Chambered Heart

Heart is a small word and an enormous concept.  It describes an instinct to care for the well-being of ourselves and others.  It is the powerful result of joining courage, passion, and conviction. It is the conduit through which we channel love, strength, and healing.   Our hearts belong to us.  Sometimes we don’t pay attention … Continue reading The Four-Chambered Heart

Original Thinkers

Innovation is often equated with paradigm-shifting concepts, monumental breakthroughs, and the development of products or processes that cause significant change in industries, art, or life as we know it (like these).  Innovators that produce a large-scale impact are celebrated for their extraordinary abilities and creativity (think Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, and these amazing women). Given … Continue reading Original Thinkers

What Does Successful Conflict Resolution Look Like?

If you manage or lead other people, it’s worth the effort to build up your conflict resolution tool box.  Chances are that several times throughout a workday, you’ll discover conflicts, some will be brought to you, and you may even become aware that you’ve caused a few.  However they get identified, once they’re in your … Continue reading What Does Successful Conflict Resolution Look Like?