Original Thinkers

Innovation is often equated with paradigm-shifting concepts, monumental breakthroughs, and the development of products or processes that cause significant change in industries, art, or life as we know it (like these).  Innovators that produce a large-scale impact are celebrated for their extraordinary abilities and creativity (think Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, and these amazing women). Given … Continue reading Original Thinkers

Elastic Thinking and Innovation

Innovation has always been imperative to humanity’s growth and survival (see growing crops, building shelter, written language, etc.), and we’re receiving messages all over the place that innovation is more important than ever in this current age of rapid technological advancement  and globalization. As industries, services, products, and communication change at an accelerated pace, we’ll … Continue reading Elastic Thinking and Innovation

Resilience is the Result of Saying the Thing That Needs to Be Said

When someone’s behavior is causing tension, fear can easily get in your way of having an honest conversation with them about how they’re showing up.  While you might generate your own unique set of fears for the situation you’re in, there is one that pops up often: What if it goes horribly wrong and I … Continue reading Resilience is the Result of Saying the Thing That Needs to Be Said