Claiming Mindfulness For Yourself

In essence, the roots of mindfulness can be traced back centuries to Buddhist teachings, and even back millennia to traditions within Hinduism.  Over the last couple of decades there has been a surge in hype around mindfulness; it’s become the darling of self and organizational health circles.  This trendiness has made it profitable, and all … Continue reading Claiming Mindfulness For Yourself

Two Techniques to Introduce the Mindfulness of Yoga Into Your Work Life

The human mind is a noisy place.  If the volume cranks up into uncomfortable decibels or the noise is coming from too many sources it's easy to go from feeling fine to overwhelmed to stuck to shutting down.  Mindfulness is, in essence, the practice of quieting that noise and filling it with simple awareness.  Doing … Continue reading Two Techniques to Introduce the Mindfulness of Yoga Into Your Work Life

What “Yes, and…” Can Do For Collaborations

"Yes, and..." By nature all collaborations are creative - they describe the act of people coming together to produce something that doesn't already exist.  A collaboration will result in greater success if everyone participating in it feels comfortable contributing their ideas (however wild or off the established path) and there is willingness from everyone to … Continue reading What “Yes, and…” Can Do For Collaborations

Collaborating to Shape Team Culture

I'm always curious about how teams create their own culture and how they can affect change to it from within.  While drumming up ideas surrounding collaboration for this month's article series, I couldn't help but recall one particular exercise from last year that illuminated a fun way to get teams to take a look at … Continue reading Collaborating to Shape Team Culture