Author Daniel Coyle on the Power of Connection and Belonging Cues

Daniel Coyle’s book The Culture Code shot up to my #1 recommended book for all people who have to work with other people (especially leaders) the minute I put down the first chapter.  It’s filled with entertaining and thought-provoking stories of teams – PIXAR, Navy Seals, Upright Citizens Brigade, Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality, jewel thieves, the San Antonio Spurs, flocks of starling songbirds (to name a few) –  that break down the DNA of what makes them successful or ineffective, mixed in with intuitive suggestions for how to facilitate success on your own team.

I’m not going to summarize all of his findings here, it wouldn’t do justice to his research or insights (and you’d miss out on the fun of reading his engaging tales).  I’m instead excited to share this 7-ish minute split-screen interview with Daniel Coyle that packs in a lot of cool information from The Culture Code about the power of connection, including:

Belonging Cues – what they are and how sending even simple ones to people in your group like asking a question about them or picking up trash can dramatically increase safety, connection, and retention

Guard Dogs and Guide Dogs – how intentionally connecting with individuals not only turns off the primal instinct to continuously scan your group to detect potential threats (which keeps us in a stress-inducing fight/flight response), but it turns on a powerful social bonder instinct that increases our ability to send and receive the belonging cues that cause us to fit in with others and thrive

Check it out and see what could be useful for you!



Want to hear author Daniel Coyle talk about more ideas from the book?  Find an hour of free time and check out this comprehensive presentation/Q&A:




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