2 Quick Quotes About Collaboration

Keeping it simple this week.   2 Quick Quotes About Collaboration: One more Cloud quote on collaboration (from his 2012 TED Talk at U of M): "DIY is so 20th century, I think that the future is Do-It-Together." Want to know who Chris Cloud is?  Check out his website. Want to learn more about Creative … Continue reading 2 Quick Quotes About Collaboration

Why Collaboration?

Collaboration is a big deal around Vestalia, we're going to give it some attention this month. I want to kick things off by recognizing that within our organization there has been some confusion about when to be in collaboration, and even some pushback against being in it.  Ever find yourself wondering if collaboration is the … Continue reading Why Collaboration?

Vestalia’s Empowerment 101 – How the Heck Does it Happen?

All this talk over the past month about empowerment - what we believe it does for our organization and the people in it, how we embrace it or push it away - and not a peep about how it might be done.  There are probably hundreds of ways to go about empowerment, we pulled one … Continue reading Vestalia’s Empowerment 101 – How the Heck Does it Happen?

Vestalia Leadership Essentials

In January 2019, the Vestalia Hospitality team got together with the leadership teams at each restaurant to brainstorm goals for the future and to talk about our shared purpose and values.  We also got to understanding about the relationship between Vestalia and the restaurants including what our roles are, how we can utilize and support … Continue reading Vestalia Leadership Essentials

Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

I'm currently reading "Speed of Trust" by Stephen M.R. Covey.* (Click for a quick summary here). Like most business books written on culture or leadership themes, there is a lot of great, useful, familiar stuff in there. Including this: “In our businesses, relationships, families, and personal lives, there is wisdom in recognizing the capacity of … Continue reading Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

How Humble Leadership Really Works

A key cornerstone of shared, facilitative leadership is that you use your power to empower. Creating opportunities for your team members to learn, grow, share ideas, affect change, and exercise their own decision-making is imperative to creating a high performance team. This is a marked shift from the management-mindset that we've all grown up with, … Continue reading How Humble Leadership Really Works

Why the Most Productive People Don’t Always Make the Best Managers

I found another relevant Harvard Business Review article- this one made me think about the "leadership pipeline" and supervisors (although there is a lot of other good stuff in there). We are in the earliest stages of real, intentional leadership development, so part of that is looking at our hourly team to see who has … Continue reading Why the Most Productive People Don’t Always Make the Best Managers