Say the Thing That Needs to be Said…a Story from Ann Kim

At Vestalia Hospitality, saying the thing that needs to be said to one another is essential in feedback and accountability because it gets us past roadblocks that are preventing us from meeting shared goals and showing up within our values.  We talk a lot about why it’s important, what’s gained when it happens, why it’s hard to do, and how to do it with care and support. When searching for examples within our organization to share about when someone said the thing that needed to be said, there was one story that rose to the top right away, and it comes from our Owner, James Beard Award-winning Chef, and Boss Lady: Ann Kim.  

When Young Joni first opened, the Executive Chef Michael Shaughnessy and Ann worked closely together to ensure the success of the new restaurant.  One day he asked to talk with her, and spoke his truth about how some of her interactions with the line cooks were getting in his way of being an effective leader.  

Amie Bresnahan, Vestalia’s Associate Director of People Development, and I sat down with Ann to record her telling of the story and how that moment changed the nature of their relationship. 

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