Say the Thing That Needs to Be Said


Saying the thing that needs to be said is easier said than done.  Whether we’re putting ourselves out there by expressing a unique idea, pointing out an obstacle that is getting in someone’s way, or holding others to shared standards that it appears they’re falling short of, a whole host of scary “What if’s…” start to swirl around and get in our way:

  • What if my idea makes me sound uninformed, will they think I’m under-qualified to do my job?
  • What if the thing I tell them or how I say it hurts their feelings or makes them mad at me?
  • What if I’m micromanaging, is it even my place to say something?
  • What if bringing this out into the open makes it worse?

The answer to the question “to say something or not” is not “get over yourself and just blurt it out.” Similarly, the answer is rarely “whatever, I guess I’ll just say nothing.” There are feelings and fears and relationships and expectations at play that need sorting through before you know, in your gut, that you’ve got the thing that needs to be said, and it is time to say it.

Part of the process to answer this question? Understanding what it is you are actually choosing. Getting your voice heard, giving feedback, or holding someone accountable can lead to success and well-being for all, it can also be fraught with missteps and possible suffering. What you’ll find along the way is that when you do choose to say the thing that needs to be said, you are ultimately:

Choosing Courage Over Fear

When I say what needs to be said, I’m facing the scary “what if’s” and working through them to get to a new place

Choosing Growth Over Stagnancy

When I step outside of my comfort zone and take the risk to say the thing, I will learn something whether my actions lead to failure or success  

Choosing Power Over Helplessness

When I speak up, I’m engaging in the situation I’m a part of and am able to affect it’s direction

Choosing Responsibility Over Blame

When I say that we own our actions and are going to walk our walk & talk our talk, I create opportunities for everyone to achieve their goals and meet expectations  

Choosing Innovation Over Status Quo

When I say “why don’t we…” and “how about…,” either the envelope gets pushed or we go on an adventure.  Either way, we eventually get to somewhere bigger and new.  

Choosing Creativity Over Homogeneity

When I say or invite others to say the counterpoint, the fresh perspective, the devil’s advocate, the wild card, and the outside-the-box idea, it ensures that we cover all angles and don’t just go along with what everyone else is saying.  


We believe so much in the power of getting your voice out there, calling it like it is, and speaking your truth without blame or judgment, we made it one of Vestalia Hospitality’s five Leadership Essentials.

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Saying the thing that needs to be said can be a challenge, and isn’t always the easiest choice.  Still, the payoff is worth it. Where in your life are you at a crossroads on this one? 

À la Carte

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