Go Out and Get Feedback

Want a work environment where people are open and honest with you, and feel free to share ideas that contribute to the well-being of you, them, the team, and the business?  Have we got an invitation for you:  


Screenshot 2019-09-10 18.18.37


Are you already successfully doing this a lot with your team, and what’s the effect?  How often is your leader seeking out your feedback in a way that feels good to you?  Do you need to start doing this, or could you use more practice with it? 

What happens if you don’t do this? 

Stay tuned over the next month as we explore this Leadership Essential and what it can do for you and your team.


Screenshot 2019-09-09 16.07.15


Thank you to Jeff Wynn, Kris Mertz, and Amie Bresnahan for help in shaping this article


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