Embracing Change

Last week I sent out some questions that you can ask yourself to help you understand your team’s resistance to change.  Knowing the reason/s why they might push back or are currently pushing back can help you make different choices about how you’re communicating (listening, sharing intent and information), collaborating (where you’re inviting and utilizing everyone’s voice), and leading them through the change to remove obstacles and gain commitment.

The content of that article isn’t unique, it is my twist on theories and conclusions about change that thousands of other articles and videos espouse – like the one I’m sharing here.  Why this video?  The speaker offers some good tools and insights on how to respond to common reasons for resistance to change that you might find useful.  Also, I’m a big fan of sending the same message out in different ways – maybe you’ll connect with his twist over mine.

I invite you to watch it with an open mind.  He’s talking to a group of leaders and often gears his language in an us/them way – try to see yourself in both camps.  Every single one of us has had to be on either side of change (the one leading it, the one being lead through it), there is power in empathizing with both.

Alright!  This one clocks in at 18 minutes, please find some time in your schedule to check it out.  Talk to your leadership team if you think any of the tools or concepts in there could support your current or future change efforts.  Send me your feedback – what did you connect with?  What action will it spark? What did you think was total BS?  Looking forward to your thoughts on the thoughts of Jason Clarke…

One thought on “Embracing Change

  1. Thanks for sharing this. There was a bit of reluctance to watching an 18 minute video, but I’m really glad I did. He has a good way of articulating resistance. I will be “borrowing” a lot of this material, so thanks in advance for that!


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